OPENING NIGHT: April 24, 6-8pm

Rubicon ARI

1/309 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne.

April 24 - May 11, Wed - Sat 12-5pm

‘Last Winter’ is an exhibition of paintings from seasons past. Night scenes of moonlit oceans, garden blooms, and vistas become a visual ballad of organic symbolism. Rigby's artistic explorations are embedded in intuitive painting techniques. Layered brushstrokes emerge and reveal as well as conceal and obscure. What remains is the evidencing of gesture in dynamic evolution: a composition that can only happen from building upon what was set down before. Harmonious interplay of a skilfully handled palette of blue hues, ‘Last Winter’ invites viewers to delve into the poetic landscape and melancholic beauty of Rigby’s imagination.

Darkness Softly


Acrylic on wood panel

Darkness Falling


Acrylic on wood panel

I am pleased to be exhibiting these two new paintings over summer at Linden New Art as part of their Postcard Show. 



Recipient of the Chapman & Bailey Award for Excellence in Contemporary Painting.

Caitlin Rigby is presenting work as part of the 2022 School of Art Graduate Exhibition: Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art)

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